ERP Consultancy

An effective ERP implementation is a critical success factor for any organization.

Yet what's alarming is that more than 50% of mid-market enterprises rely on legacy systems and outdated processes.

There are many phases to a typical ERP selection project – from ERP requirements definitions, to setting selection criteria and contract negotiations,

There are hundreds of ERP solutions in the market and client needs help in deciding the right tool that

  1. Meets business needs
  2. Fits their budget
  3. Can be implemented in the shortest timeframe
  4. Can be used by the employees working in the organization
  5. Can deliver the benefits

The consultancy of ERP is rendered in 5 broad areas.

  1. Selection of vendor (Including mapping of business process functionality with the Vendor software and Risk Analysis)
  2. Pre implementation approach
  3. Operational audit
  4. Post Implementation Audit and control
  5. Measuring range compatibility and ROI.

Why Pixel Digital Systems ERP consultancy?

Pixel Digital Systems provides ERP Selection help to the client. Over 50% of ERP implementations fail because of wrong ERP solution. We create an ERP evaluation criteria based on client needs and assess relative strengths and weaknesses of the tools that are short listed.

Smart organizations turn to Pixel Digital Systems ERP consultancy services to minimize risk, accelerate the selection and implementation process and increase the success and value of ERP.

ERP consultancy services from Pixel Digital Systems deliver tremendous value to your ERP project because it offer technological knowledge and industry expertise to organize, manage and measure success.

Our ERP consulting team contribute to your bottom line by offering:

  • Deep experience in all vertical industries delivered by specialized team for each corresponding industries.
  • Proven methodology with objective, in-depth understanding of ERP selection and implementation best practices.
  • Efficient process that makes your critical resource more productive in the project.
  • A process that speeds your time to benefit. Pixel Digital Systems's methodology "cuts to the chase." Our approach gets our clients to the goal line in half the time of traditional methods. We will not waste your time.
  • An independent, vendor-neutral team that has worked through the process numerous times, with strategies to accelerate training, implementation and ROI.
  • Cost savings opportunities stemming from ERP vendor contract negotiations. Time and resource savings at all phases of the project – from business process mapping and requirements definitions to training and go-live.

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