Enterprise Content Management

Laserfiche ECM provides the ability to establish and deploy information management standards throughout the enterprise while giving individual business units tools to customize the system to meet their specific needs. With document imaging, document management, business process management and records management baked into the core system architecture, Laserfiche makes it possible to standardize on a single ECM system – revolutionizing the way information is managed, shared and presented. Using Laserfiche extends well beyond its technical capabilities. With more than 32,000 customers worldwide.

The Laserfiche ECM system is designed to give Senior managers central control over their information infrastructure, including standards, security and auditing, while still offering business units the flexibility to react quickly to changing conditions. The Laserfiche product suite is built on top of Microsoft technologies to simplify system administration, supports Microsoft SQL and Oracle platforms and features a seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications and a two-way integration with SharePoint.

Laserfiche is a preferred document management solution in the Middle East for its ease-of-use and its support for Arabic and for working in multiple languages at the same time. More than 200 organizations in Middle East & North Africa have automated their document processing on Laserfiche.

Laserfiche Product Suite

The Laserfiche product suite includes Laserfiche Rio, an enterprise content management suite for large organizations, and Laserfiche Avante, a professional ECM suite for small to medium organizations with fewer than 100 users. Laserfiche ECM products provide a foundational technology that creates a central point of control for information assets, serves as integrative middleware between other enterprise applications and provides information to the right people at the right time in the appropriate context.

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