Managed Print Services

MPS provides a way for organizations to regain control over complex and unmanaged printers, copiers and multi function devices and significantly reduce printing costs. Beginning with an assessment of current print volumes, MPS can help to optimize the fleet and replace previously unknown print costs with a predictable, all-inclusive cost-per-page.

Pixel Digital Systems provide the two main Managed Print Solution


With Equitrac integrated into its MPS engagement, an organization can gain a complete picture of its current print activity and better match devices to actual user requirements. Equitrac can deliver significant results: the streamlining of business processes and the change in user behavior that result in more responsible printing. This is what leads to long-term, sustainable productivity improvements and cost reductions.

Key Features

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Today SafeCom is one of the world's leading developers of software for the printing solution industry and its customers. SafeCom solutions are known for their unparalleled ability to offer companies and organizations a better way to manage and optimize their printing services. SafeCom's products help simplify company printer infrastructures and streamline printing workflows. Direct results include reduced printing costs, increased document security, improved environmental credentials and a continuously productive print environment.

The SafeCom Smart Printing solution consists of modules allowing you to build the print management solution you need - and only pay for what you get.

Key Benefits

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