About Us


Pixel's mission is to provide exceptional service and expertise in delivering customized solutions that best meet the customer's needs.

Pixel is completely customer centric. The entire organization, operations and ethos revolves around delivering quality, value and efficiency to customers. This is achieved by staying focussed in understanding the customer's unique requirements and matching them with the right Pixel products.

Pixel's mission is to delight its customers and build enduring relationships. Pixel strives to be the preferred vendor for all digital solutions in the Middle East. It achieves this by offering customers the loyalty of a business partner combined with the economic value of an outside vendor.

As part of its mission to partner with customers to best understand and meet their needs, Pixel defines itself as a consultant provider that recommends optimal solutions as per the client's requirements. Pixel's mission is also to partner with leading vendors in every category to provide its clients with the best solutions.


Pixel is equipped with highly trained professionals in the Information Technology and Office Automation industries. The management at Pixel has over 20 years' of experience in the Gulf. Pixel's highly trained team of technicians ensures that customer satisfaction continues on an ongoing basis, after the equipment has been purchased. Equipped with products to meet every need, Pixel's product managers are trained to create perfect solutions to meet even the most demanding customer requirements.

The company is headed by Mr.Gurmeet Singh, who is the Managing Director. Mr. Singh leads a team of professionals dedicated to achieving the company's objectives. Each division is headed by a Functional Manager who leads a team of self-motivated field employees.